Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Utah summer vacation

Utah started out great with a family pool party! 

We also celebrated Josh's birthday,  he is so sweet and LOVED every gift he got.  His expressions were priceless! 

Matt has boards the week after we get back so he spent a few days with my dad at the Institute locking himself in a room and studying! 

FHE at grandma and grandpa greats house- some of my favorite memories are there! 

Bentley had a little procedure done to clear is blocked tear ducts- it was pretty gnarly! 
Music for Marshall at Tuccis.  Thanks mom for watching Jenson so that we could actually enjoy the evening.  We loved listening to all the performers, hearing stories about Marshall, eating delicious food, and helping donate money to another cancer family. 
Kezman drew this awesome picture.  It's his house (in blue) and heaven (in red) and the train tracks so that heaven is only a train ride away.  

Craft days with my mom and sisters, Jenson and Greysin had fun in the water while we cut wood! 

We also got to spend some time with some friends (Brian, Darby, and Matt were all best friends growing up!) it was so fun to get together! Sadly Darby isn't really that tall hahaha

Some of the signs from our craft day 
Jenson has a new "game" where he like to run away in stores... this time I couldn't find him for quite awhile.  I caught up to him in the garden center (totally opposite side of the store)  So we strapped him in Bentleys carseat as a punishment- it worked out pretty well too! haha

Kyron went on a date to the Ute game so I made him this shirt haha  Also it's tradition to hike adams canyon, even if Babe did it on his own lol
We found a piano by the dumpsters a while ago but it never had a book holder so Babe designed one and cut it all out.  We still have to finish sanding it and stain it though.  
second part of our craft! 
Jenson loves all of grandmas cars- I also think his parking spots were quite creative!

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