Saturday, August 20, 2016

Inkom Family Camping Trip- edited

To start off our summer vacation we had a big camping trip with both our families up at the Pine corner, on the family farm.  This was the best way to start our vacation getting to see all of our families in one place!  We spent the weekend riding atvs and motorcycles, eating, shooting, and playing games.  

^^  Auklin was riding a motorcycle when it al of a sudden died.  He was out in the middle of no where and no one knew where he went.  I caught the older cousins all huddled around saying a prayer that Auklin was okay and he would be found soon.  There were lots of little things like that that strengthened my testimony that the Lord really does hear and answers our prayers! ^^

Jenson decided he was going to walk head first into an electric fence.  Poor kid had burns across his cheek and nose for a few weeks after.  

You could pretty much always count on Jenson getting on the 4 wheeler with you- he's addicted! 

due to how dry it was we couldn't have any fires... the nights got pretty cold so we would just huddle up and warm up by lantern haha

top of the mountain- I didn't realize how dusty I had gotten until after we got back to camp! haha

While coming down from the top of the mountain Jillisa lost her phone.  We had NO idea where it ended up.  We spent the next few hours retracing our steps but still didn't find it.  As a last hope we (those pictured below) decided to walk it all (about 8 miles in weeds).  

^^ They finally got back to the house a few hours later with no phone.  Ausin decided to take a last trek up the road (which we had done countless times already), the sun was just perfectly right and he caught a glimpse of her phone out the corner of his eye.  It had fallen out of her pocket  on a cattle guard as we were going back to camp.  It was truly a testament that you fist have to do all you can do, then God will do the rest! ^^

With the heat, lack of water, and electric fence incident Jenson was exhausted for the next few days! haha  
It was such a fun weekend spent with all of our favorite people!  

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