Sunday, November 17, 2013

Let the anxiety began

Howdy!  I need your help, yet again. ;)

I got asked to substitute teach our relief society lesson on December 1st.  The lesson is on Ch. 23 The Prophet Joseph Smith. I LOVE learning about Joseph Smith, but that also makes me really nervous to teach it.  I haven't read through the lesson yet (I only got asked today...haha) but I feel like this is such a big assignment!  I used to be a relief society teacher in college but for me that was not that big of a deal because everyone was my age.  We were going through most of the same things.  Our meetings were held in classrooms where we had projectors and technology so I could use powerpoint and other visual aids (I guess I take after my dad and LOVE powerpoint, and other visuals. )

But now I feel like I am so inadequate to teach all these ladies in all different stages of life.  I feel like they know so much more than me and could teach it better than I could. I am nervous that I can't hide behind my visual aids (others say things better than I could!) because our church is seriously so outdated.  I know that's not what the lessons are about and probably no one else would care but I do.  This is also a chance for me to break out of my bubble here and for people to get to know who I am.  I want it to be a lesson that they walk away from feeling like they want to be better.  Maybe I am setting the bar a little high for a lesson hey I am my parents daughter.  I rather be over prepared than under!  

So my question for you.  When you think about some of your favorite lessons, what was it about that to make it stick out to you?  What did the teacher do to help you feel that?  How do I get the class to participate?  

I know everyone has had Joseph Smith lessons.. What was your favorite thing about them?  Any favorite quotes? Stories? Visuals? (Don't worry dad and mom expect lots of phone calls! :)) 

Thanks for all your help!  Also if there was something I could do that would allow me to sit down that would also be great.  With nerves high and being pregnant I am not sure how long I will be able to stand ;) 

If you want to read the lesson online go HERE then make sure to tell me all of your great ideas! But not to great... Maybe if I totally bomb the lesson they will never ask me to do it again! :)  haha 

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  1. Hey Brielle, I have to teach the same lesson and have been feeling a bit nervous about it as well. I have decided to utilize the powerful testimonies of the women in my ward and have a discussion about the lessons we can learn from the life of Joseph Smith. I have selected a few of my favorite quotes from the lesson and will share how they strengthen my testimony. I also found a great BYU-I Devotional talk by James Smyth "lessons from the Life of Joseph Smith" December 6, 2005 that I plan to use for back-up. I have learned that women like to talk and have a lot of great things to share so for this particular lesson I am going to yield to the group. Good Luck!