Friday, November 8, 2013

Church History Sites

Babe and I are enjoying this beautiful fall weather, so while we still have it we decided to tour some church history sites around us. I love learning about history, especially church history.  I love the stories and trying to learn from them.

We started off our tour at Liberty Jail, what a sacred place this is.  I can't really describe the feeling, it's just something you will have to experience for yourself.  We were walking on holy ground. 

 Next we headed to Adam-Ondi-Ahman.  It was so pretty with all the trees changing colors.  We want to go back in the spring when everything is green :)  

We couldn't of asked for a better day, the sky was blue blue blue. 

 Preachers Rock.  They say you can stand on this rock and others can stand in the valley below and can here whatever you say, even if you whisper it.  We tried it but it was way to windy to hear a whisper, but just talking normal really worked!  Who knows maybe this is where Joseph Smith once stood! ;)

 I sure love this hunk!

 Our final stop for the day was to the Independence Visitor Center (missionaries attack!!)  The bottom floor is all about the history of the church in the Independence area, soo cool.

Have you ever been here?
What did you feel?
Come join us anytime and we can see them together!

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  1. That looks so fun, one day I would love to do that!