Friday, January 29, 2016

Jenson turns 2!

We had a pretty low key party for Jenson this year.  We celebrated all weekend long- all things Mickey Mouse!  We had some friends over for cake and ice cream- clearly his favorite part!  

 I also made his birthday shirt this year! :) 

^^ and seriously? how cute is his little mini me Lindsay made for him?! ^^

 My sweet mom sent us all this Mickey stuff because she knows how much I wish family could be there, I know they wanted to be here too! 

Happy birthday to the boy who can test my limits the most, and yet who makes my heart melt the next!  You are crazy active, love to read, LOVE elephants or "D" as you call them, loves sweets, being outside, and your best friend Hailey.  We love you more then anything, I can hardly believe you are already two!! XOXO 

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