Saturday, October 17, 2015

Louisburg Cider Mill

This year we decided to switch things up and head to Louisburg Cider Mill- we heard the donuts and cider are to die for so we had to try them out!  They make it all there so you know it's fresh.  I only with the donuts were hot instead of cold- but maybe we went at a off time?  Jenson loved roaming around, listening to the banjo band, and of course eating donuts!  

We had some friends join us for the activities later- a pumpkin patch, corn maze, hay ride, petting farm, and bounce pillow.  Honestly it was all kind of lame but we had fun anyway! 

^^ Attempting a picture on the hay ride ^^

Reese is such a good helper!  I need her around more.. haha
Once we got in the car to go home Jenson was out cold in minutes!  That's how you must know it was a successful fun day! 

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