Monday, September 29, 2014

Jenson 8 months old

I am a little behind in getting to this but I want this for my own record so I am posting it anyway!

Jenson at 8 months:

He has 2 bottom front teeth- wow that was a long week until those finally came through!  He is a crawling champ- no more fake crawling!  And he is FAST!  He climbs up on everything and anything- especially the coffee table and entertainment center, once he gets up he will either start hand slapping it or sucking on the edges- he's strange like that ;)  He is a pro at drinking out of sippy cups, when he isn't throwing his cup on the ground...  He loves eating {surprise, surprise- look who his parents are!) we haven't really given him real table food yet, mostly just jar baby food but he loves everything we have given him.  He also loves the little puffs, yogurt bites, and little crunchies- which has been a life saver when he is grumpy while grocery shopping!  :)  The door stopper is one of  his favorite toys- good thing we have 2 close together because he has already broken 1 from playing with it so much.  
His new favorite thing is watching daddy throw balls up the stairs, and watching them come back down (or watching mom go get them if they don't...)- I don't know what it is but he can go from screaming mad/sad to laughing in seconds.  Speaking of stairs it's about time to put the baby gates up, he has started playing on them and even getting up to the 3rd stair (don't worry dad was right there!).  He loves the piano- listening to it and playing it. Normally when dad is playing it he is right under it making his own music!  He loves the theme songs to shows- he will stop whatever he is doing to watch but as soon as it's over he will go back to what he was doing.   
He loves to walk around if he has someones fingers or if he has his little walker, no steps on his own though.  He loves playing with other people- especially kids! He could be really grumpy but as soon as he sees some other kids he gets excited and forgets why he was mad.  He loves following his little friend Hailey around and trying to copy everything she does {even if she doesn't like it! haha} Bath time is still one of his favorite things, when I'm getting ready in the mornings he will come from his room just to try to get in the tub.  He is a pro at shaking his head "no"  and it is seriously the cutest thing ever.  He loves being outside {walks, swings, playing in the grass, playing in the dirt...}.  He jibber jabbers like crazy and tells mom some pretty fascinating stories!  He loves playing with his little cars- all boy!  He does this grunting thing that I just can't get enough of.  His face turns all red, hands gripped tight and then he will growl/grunt. I keep trying to get it on video but keep missing it :( boo!  No fear though I will get it someday! 

Side note- before Jenson resized that he could get back down from things {entertainment center} he would stand there and cry/ scream until we came and got him.  He was to afraid to drop so he thought he was stuck.  I sure am glad he isn't afraid anymore- but that sure was cute {in a way} haha (video below!)

Likes: eating, biting/sucking on things, musical toys, books, cords, cars, outside, standing, facetimeing {seeing his reflection}, brushing his teeth, remotes, when daddy comes home, twinkle twinkle little star, doorstops, being swaddled {just his arms} when sleeping.

Dislikes: nap time, dirty diapers, falling down, when he is told no,  long car rides, when it's time to come inside, teething,  loud noises, being rocked to sleep.

I love how happy he is (most of the time)  I couldn't imagine my life without him.  I am so lucky to get to spend my days with him, watching him learn and experience new things. We Love you Jenson!

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