Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Jenson at 1 month!

Weight: 9lbs 10oz (52%)
Height: 21.9 in (77%)
Head: 15 in (83%)

I can hardly believe our little guy is already 1 month new!  Jenson has been a good night sleeper since the beginning, if he eats around 11-12 pm he normally wont wake up till 5 {yeah!}.  This past week has been a bit challenging trying to figure out life on our own.  Babe is back to school and work full time so all day everyday is just Jenson and I {I love being a mom!}  He hit a 3 week growth spurt and was cranky most the day... I kinda hit my whits end!  I sure am thankful I have a supportive husband who comforts me when I have a big cry fest! Don't worry I'm good now, thanks! ;)  We switched formula and started trying some other things to help with his gas and fussiness, which so far has been a big success!  He is back to his normal angel baby self, and I finally have my sanity back, well most of it!  

Babe used to love penguins and got this when he was little, maybe little dude will love them just as much! :)  
Okay seriously, isn't he just the cutest thing? Somedays I just can't stop looking at him! 

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