Saturday, May 21, 2011

being apart..

Matt is working in Boise this weekend so he didn't get to come down.  Its been FOREVER!  I really hate this being apart stuff that we have to go through- sure is the pits! I can't wait for the day when he gets to come home every night and ill be there!! Only 86 more days... seems like forever though the days and weeks seem to go by sooo slow but now that i think about it it's already May 21... CRAZY almost 2 months left!  So at least months go by fast right?! Today is Saturday which means wedding plans! So best get off to work!! :)

We love you all have a fabulous day!! :)



  1. Lynn and I did the long distance courtship ~ so did gma and gpa ~ and now they are in eternity together. Keep the faith and enjoy the is worth it :) Besides, long distance you spend more time talking and communicating and less time...well you know what I mean! I'm SOO excited to be a part of it :) I love you!

    Oh - what font are you using on this??? I love it!!